A great college experience flows from the faculty, the programs, one’s fellow students, and the community that wraps it all together. We want to ensure that Sarah Lawrence can continue to attract and retain the talented, dedicated faculty who make a Sarah Lawrence education possible; enroll the academically impressive, curious students who want to contribute to the world; and enhance our campus and community. We both came to know and love Sarah Lawrence well after our college years, but we’re clear that the unique education the College provides needs to be enthusiastically sustained—and advanced. Your participation in this Campaign will help us do just that.”

John A. Hill & Nancie Cooper MFA ’04 Campaign Co-Chairs

Chairman of the Sarah Lawrence College Board of Trustees, John Hill is founder, vice chairman, and managing director of First Reserve Corporation, a private equity buyout firm, and a trustee and former chairman of Putnam Mutual Funds. Prior to First Reserve, Hill worked in the Ford administration at the Office of Management and Budget and at the Federal Energy Administration. His dedication to Sarah Lawrence and all it stands for is an inspiration to faculty, students, and staff alike. 

A former financial services management consultant, Nancie Cooper joined the Board of Trustees in 2005 after earning her master’s degree in theatre at Sarah Lawrence. She works closely with faculty and staff to ensure a robust future for the College, and was instrumental in creating and funding the Shirley Kaplan Faculty Scholar in Theatre, honoring her beloved teacher.

Attracting and retaining intellectually curious, high-performing students $60,000,000

Targeted undergraduate scholarships

Presidential Scholars, 80 students at $500,000 $40,000,000

Dean’s Scholars, 56 students at $250,000 $14,000,000

Targeted graduate fellowships

Writing fellowships, 10–20 students at $150,000–$400,000 $3,000,000

Graduate fellowships in other master’s programs, 10–20 students at $150,000–$400,000 $3,000,000

Enriching our students’ experience; Propelling their success $20,000,000

Enhancing student life $8,000,000

Student engagement programs $3,000,000

Office of sponsored fellowships $1,000,000

Leadership programs $2,000,000

Athletic programming $2,000,000

Career invention and career services $12,000,000

Career services staffing $3,000,000

Internship fund $6,000,000

Career invention programming $3,000,000

Advancing academic initiatives; Supporting our inspiring faculty $40,700,000

Writing $7,500,000

Endowed chair in writing $2,000,000

Endowed professorship in journalism/new media $1,000,000

Distinguished visiting writer in residence $2,000,000

Endowed chair in literature $2,000,000

Endowed reading series $500,000

Arts, digital technology, and film $7,000,000

Endowed chair in digital media $2,000,000

Endowed professorship in computer science $1,000,000

Endowed chair in curatorial studies $2,000,000

Visiting professorship in film production $1,000,000

Visiting professorship in arts, digital technology, and film $1,000,000

Environmental studies, advocacy, and sustainability $2,700,000

Endowed chair in environmental architectural design $1,500,000

Endowed professorship in environmental writing $1,200,000

Global initiatives: Innovation, economy, and developmental studies $11,000,000

Endowed chair in economics $2,000,000

Endowed fund in social innovation $1,000,000

Endowed chair in Jewish studies $2,000,000

Endowed chair in Christian thought $2,000,000

Endowed chair in international relations $2,000,000

Visiting professorship in international law $1,000,000

Endowed fund in religious studies $1,000,000

Cognitive studies $2,000,000

Endowed chair in neuropsychology $2,000,000

Life sciences $2,000,000

Endowed chair in life sciences $2,000,000

Research and development $8,500,000

Faculty research and development $5,000,000

Summer science program $2,500,000

Research in cognitive studies $1,000,000

Building Community by Creating a Vibrant Living/Learning Environment $41,000,000

Barbara Walters Campus Center $35,000,000

Priority renovation projects $4,250,000

Esther Raushenbush Library $1,000,000

Residence halls $2,000,000

Classroom/lecture halls $1,000,000

Theatre spaces $250,000

Investments to support curricular innovation $1,750,000

Arts and digital technology lab and equipment $1,150,000

Environmental studies and lab equipment $500,000

Cognitive science lab and equipment $100,000

Supporting Progress Today: The Fund for Sarah Lawrence $38,300,000

Total $200,000,000