Barbara Bowman

“Sarah Lawrence was a most wonderful experience. After 65 years I’ve not forgotten how much I enjoyed it and how much I learned. I’m still an eclectic reader; I learned to tolerate ambiguity and accept others. And I played cricket behind Westlands with the poet Steven Spender and, if memory serves, T.S. Eliot.”

Why I give

“At Sarah Lawrence I had four near-perfect years. I learned how to think. I developed broad interests. If you care about giving others the same chance we had—to explore the depth and range of oneself and others, to experience the joy of knowing about things—add Sarah Lawrence to the top of your giving list.”

Myra Drucker

“My professors treated me with respect. They treated me as a fellow intellectual. That instilled a sense of self-confidence that served me well as I moved out into the real world. 

“My education was intense, enlightening, and transformational. I loved my courses, but what I studied ended up having very little to do with my career—though the way in which I studied had everything to do with my later success. I never took a math course, but I made a long and successful career in the investment business. Sarah Lawrence enabled me to do that. I learned how to teach myself something and how to work with mentors to learn something very new and very different.”

Why I give

“I stay involved because I really believe that Sarah Lawrence continues to do today for its students what it did for me—give me the tools to teach myself to explore new fields, learn new things, and be creative in my work. As I look at what we need in the world now, it’s people who can really think, learn, and stretch themselves. Those are precisely the attributes Sarah Lawrence helps foster in its students. 

“Those of us who have had the privilege of such a transformational education have a responsibility to the next generation to continue to make the opportunities Sarah Lawrence affords available.”

Clarion Johnson

“When I was elected student body president, I got it that people trusted me—and trusted me to lead. This has stayed with me; as a physician, my patients trust me and my colleagues trust me to lead.

“I learned appreciation of diversity—and understood that everyone has a gift if you just spend time to find out what it is. Sarah Lawrence made me optimistic. And it made me fearless.”

Why I give

“Sarah Lawrence is a unique place. It’s a Hogwarts—a place where everyone can enter and become a wizard, so to speak. Combined with my family and a few close friends, Sarah Lawrence completes the trinity of anything that is positive about me. Out of gratitude, respect, and an abiding love for the Sarah Lawrence culture, I continue to support the College.

“You can maximize what you are as an individual—as a member of our society, as a proponent of our species—by giving to Sarah Lawrence.”

Mark Goodman

“What continues to stand out as relevant from my education is learning how to prepare for and engage in one-on-one discussions with my teachers about my independent conference work. I also look back with great appreciation on the extent to which my seminars routinely involved students and teachers engaging in thoughtful, opinionated, and sometimes intense discussions.

“The work I do now as a lawyer—with its emphasis on preparation, careful reading, problem solving, writing, advocacy, and effective collaboration—can be tied directly to the skills I started to develop in classes and conferences at Sarah Lawrence.”

Why I give

“I support Sarah Lawrence because it’s a one-of-a-kind institution that provides what generations of graduates have experienced as a transformational education. The Sarah Lawrence approach fosters independence, confidence, analytical rigor, and active engagement—all particularly relevant to the demands of and rapid changes in the modern workplace.

“I give to help preserve the College’s special academic character, to give back to its highly dedicated faculty, to maximize access to a unique educational opportunity by supporting financial aid, and, most important, to grow the endowment as a means of protecting and strengthening a national treasure.”

Diana Sandigo Cabrera

“The ability to think critically and communicate effectively—orally and in writing—are the most important skills I learned at Sarah Lawrence. The College’s unique approach of combining small interactive classes and one-on-one discussions with faculty enabled me to develop these skills in a way that no other college or university could have.”

Why I give

I support Sarah Lawrence because it successfully prepared me not only for a career, but also for the rest of my life. Donors who gave generously to the school 25 years ago enabled me to receive the financial aid that made it possible for me to attend this incredible institution. It is my turn now to do the same for someone else.”

Neil Makhija

“Anyone who's taken a writing workshop knows the most unacceptable thing to say about a piece of fiction is, 'It's good'—or worse, 'It's really good.' At Sarah Lawrence, we didn’t memorize content for tests; we were pushed to go further; to deconstruct; to recognize the elements of a system and relationships between them—whether the notes of a musical score or the minutiae of legal case studies.

“I learned that we can serve our community, our nation, and the world by pursuing what we love—and by sharing it. We can find creative solutions at times of crisis.”

Why I give

“The Sarah Lawrence model fosters individual initiative and creativity because you’re focused on what you're passionate about. If we want to make this school more affordable and accessible to more people—and increase our impact—then the alumni need to pitch in whatever they can. If we aren’t going to do this, who is?”

Teresa Phiri

“On my first day, just off the plane, I felt so lost walking through Westlands Gate. But all of a sudden, I heard one of the Admission staff calling my name! She ran toward me and gave me a hug! She knew my interests and hometown. At Sarah Lawrence, you are never an anonymous number. You are a person encouraged to bring your whole self to campus life, to your classes, to your studies.

“During graduate school at Oxford, it was my Sarah Lawrence training that gave me the courage to jump into and connect different disciplines—and be creative. Today, working at a technology startup in Brazil, my Sarah Lawrence education continues to serve me every day.”

Why I give

“I believe that Sarah Lawrence’s educational system—close attention from professors, academic rigor, and cross-disciplinary learning—offers a unique opportunity for students to be innovative in shaping their education. And innovation is a quality that is useful in any field of study, in so many areas of work. Sarah Lawrence, by continuing to improve and refine this educational approach, can produce thinkers who will transform thinking in different fields—and in the world.

“I need to give back to a place that gave me so much.”